Which is the best Motorola Droid Turbo 2 screen protectors, Tempered Glass or PET Film

The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 comes with innovative Moto Shattershield protection, they claimed it as the world’s first shatterproof display. It’s guaranteed not to crack or shattered, even when it’s dropped, and the display and its lens are warranted for 4 years from the purchase date. The display has a fairly high resistance because it’s consist of five layers. With its awesome display protection, some people might think that they do not need screen protectors for Droid Turbo 2.


Keep in mind, the Motorola only guarantees to cracked or shattered display, but not to scratches, normal wear and tear and other damage to the protective lens that is very likely to take place. The Droid Turbo 2 display might be able to endure against scratch from common hard material such as a knife or a key that is usually made of metal, but the display will be easily scratched with a harder material like a diamond or sands.

Screen protectors for Droid Turbo 2 is now available in two types of material, glass or PET film. The tempered glass typically has 9H hardness rating, while the PET film material has a lower hardness (3H). So, based on material hardness rating, a glass could give more protection to the phone’s display. Regarding the clearness, the tempered glass could look sharper as it is made of glass, while the PET might slightly reduce it.

Here are some of the top screen protector product with two different materials, which could be a consideration for you when it you need an additional protection for your device in the future:

    skinomi droid turbo 2

    Image: Amazon/Motorola

  1. Skinomi Techskin HD Clear Film
    Buy it on Amazon.com
    Although it’s made of a material with a lower hardness rating, but this film screen protector from Skinomi also able to provide optimal protection from daily wear and tear. It’s made of military-grade thermoplastic urethane material with a wide range of capabilities like a self-healing that will certainly extend the life of this product.

    Interestingly, Skinomi give you a 100% risk-free lifetime warranty, so if its product wears off, scratched or damaged, it will be replaced without any questions asked.

  2. Supershieldz droid turbo 2

    Image: Amazon/Motorola

  3. Supershieldz Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Tempered Glass
    Get it on Amazon.com
    This protection product made of high quality glass material with a 9H hardness rating, which not only provide extensive resistance to scratches but also not to leave fingerprints when used. The HD quality glass maintains the display clearness, so it certainly will not reduce the sharp Quad HD screen resolution and it has no impact to the touch experience as it still responsive.



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