Best and Compatible Wireless Charger for HTC Droid DNA

HTC has released a device that supports wireless charging – Verizon Droid DNA, but unfortunately there aren’t any official HTC wireless charger yet to take benefit of this feature. To be sure, the Droid DNA had fully supported wireless charging, which means we don’t require additional accessories such as the battery cover to charge our phone wirelessly.


Luckily, even with no official accessories, but we can still utilize any Qi inductive charger out there. However make sure that the charger fully supports our Droid DNA, so you do not lose for buying incompatible accessories. To pick a good inductive charger make sure to buy from a well-known brand and able to charge our smartphones even when while using a case. Listed below are some of the Qi-enabled inductive charger that supports HTC Droid DNA:

    droid dna charging orb

    Screenshot by : beddachedda @xda

  1. Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb.
  2. Although it was made designed for the latest Google’s smartphone – LG Nexus 4, but we still can use this product to wirelessly charge our Droid DNA. The charger was confirmed to be working on our device, the Orb’s surface is quite sticky and holds our DNA perfectly. Another great thing is, inductive charger pad still works even when we use the phone case such as Diztronic TPU case, even with a thicker case including Otterbox Commuter. At the moment you can get the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Orb on Google Play for $ 59.99 exclude tax and shipping, buy now before it runs out.

    lg wcp700 wireless charger

    Image Credit : LG/Amazon

  3. LG WCP-700 Portable Charging Pad
  4. It is a wireless charger from LG that can also work well on HTC Droid DNA, the benefits of this product is equipped with LED indicator lights, haptic and audio feedback when you put your phone on a charging pad, so you are aware that your phone’s position is correct , then the pad will emit a beep sound when it starts to charge and after a battery is fully charged. You can get a charging pad at Amazon, click here to see the latest prices.

    qi-enabled energizer

    Image Credit: Energizer/Amazon

  5. Energizer Qi-Enabled Inductive Charger
  6. This is the inductive battery charger from well-known manufacturers – Energizer. Although slightly more expensive than other products, this charging pad is wider so you can charge two devices at once. Some users also said that the charger was still able to work well with the case on, be sure not to use too thick case. Get the charger here from Amazon for our HTC Droid DNA, this product eligible for free super saver shipping.



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