Best Bumper Case for HTC One (M7) – Show off your phone’s beauty

If you dislike a phone case that covers the entire body of your phone, you can try to use a bumper case which is also available for HTC One (M7). Generally this type of case is constructed from hard plastic combined with thermoplastic polyurethane or also known as TPU. This material was chosen because it is thin and flexible so it doesn’t add the thickness of our phone.


Everybody knows the One (M7) body is crafted from full aluminium from front to back, which makes this device looks premium and expensive, it will make every person who used it became proud. If you wish to show off your phone’s beauty to everyone while safeguard your phone from everyday wear and tear or accidental drop, then you can consider to buy a HTC One (M7) bumper case.

Here are some of the best bumper case designed for the HTC One up to now, there are lots of designs and color options to choose from.

Cimo Hybrid Hard Back Bumper Case

cimo bumper m7

Image: Cimo/Amazon/HTC

Cimo design this case to be able to keep your phone beauty, however there is an additional protection in the back side, which can protect the body from scratch when you put it on the desk or floor. The back side was made from soft transparent plastic, so that other people will not realize that you are still wearing a case.

Poetic Borderline Series

best htc one m7 bumper case

Image: Poetic/Amazon/HTC

Buy it from Amazon.
Poetic, an Exact Design Inc. Brand, currently is the only manufacturer that provides bumper case for our phones through their Borderline Series. Not only one, Poetic Borderline is available with 7 different colors so you can freely choose which case is fits with you. Offered colors include white, black, red, purple, yellow, dark blue and sky-blue, all with gray glossy polycarbonate finish with matte edges.


Undoubtedly Poetic produce almost perfect case, as in the previous product this bumper case will fits with your phone without any looseness at all, all the ports and the mic works great, then the volume and power buttons are also very responsive. The bumper also fairly slim, so it doesn’t diminish the beauty of your phone.


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