Download Samsung Galaxy Mega stock firmware for all variants

The Firmware refers to apps and the operating system that controls how our smartphones work, it’s stored in the device’s internal memory, which is not read-only and can be written with flash tool like Odin, so Galaxy Mega stock firmware is a firmware released by Samsung. If we regularly modify our devices, then a stock firmware can be used to restore our device software to the initial state before we make any mods or will be the same as the first time we take it out of the box.


As explained earlier, the stock firmware can be installed on the Galaxy Mega using a tool called Odin, this tool will rewrite the firmware that has been installed on the internal memory and replace it with the new firmware that we choose. To avoid difficulties, make sure you choose the proper firmware that match with the model number of your device. However, never try to use the firmware that is built not for your device or the device will be bricked.

download galaxy mega stock firmware

Image: Samsung/US Cellular

Currently Samsung Galaxy Mega has been available in many countries and offered with or without a carrier contract. Each device model from different countries have different number except the international version, you can see it by going to Settings -> About and look at the Model number. The following are some of the Galaxy Mega model numbers:

  • Intl. version (GT-I9200)
  • Intl. LTE version (GT-I9205)
  • AT&T – US (SGH-I527)
  • Sprint – US (SPH-L600)
  • MetroPCS – US (SGH-M819N)
  • U.S. Cellular – US (SCH-R960)
  • Bell, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Virgin – CA (SGH-I527M)

and a lot more.

To download a stock firmware for Galaxy Mega you can type the following URL into your preferred internet browser:

You should replace the “xxx-xxxxx” with the model number of your device, for example to download Sprint firmware >> <<. If you can find the download link there, it means the firmware is available for your device, if you don't see any links, then you have to wait until the firmware for your specific model number released by Samsung. [bottomad]


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